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One in four hundred babies born in the UK suffer Cerebral Palsy, some may be due to negligence.

We are experienced in helping those who have suffered birth injuries gain their rightful compensation.

Of course it's not all about money, but funds awarded will undoubtedly improve quality of life for children and their family.

Our understanding of the issues are important to the journey of all concerned.

At the outset of your journey we'd like to be at your side.

Claiming Compensation for Cerebral Palsy and Birth injuries is a specialist area needing experienced lawyers. We understand all aspects of these, very complex and demanding cases. We have helped many families to obtain damages, which have allowed them to meet the needs of children injured at birth and mothers who have suffered whilst giving birth.

We recently won £3.6 million in damages for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

We guarantee there will be no charge to clients under our dedicated
No Win No Fee Birth Injury Compensation Practice.

We also operate Legal Aid for those who qualify.


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